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Discover how easy it can be to love your body with Rachel Trotta, certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist!

From my own weight loss story, as well as my experiences with clients, I know that mindset is key. That is why I have created my free gift for you – the Secrets of Moderation. This 34-page guide will give you in-depth insights on cultivating a balanced mindset and learning to enjoy a healthy lifestyle!

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Have you been trying to change for years?

Do you have a clear vision of yourself looking and feeling your absolute best – maybe the leanest or fittest you’ve ever been in your life? Have you tried on your own for years to achieve that vision with diets and workouts, but can only sustain efforts for a few days or weeks before you burn out or watch poor habits creep back in?

Has that vision of yourself been slipping through your fingers lately?

I’ll be honest: what you read online or in magazines about nutrition, fitness, and health is often confusing, contradictory, or even unrealistic. Meanwhile, life offers many opportunities to torpedo good intentions of change. Everything from work to family obligations to social events can present as a challenge to long-term progress, and change is hard.

However, I believe that every woman is entitled to achieve the lifestyle and the physique that will help her feel her best.

My career mission is to simplify this transformation process by:

  • cutting through the overcrowded airways of conflicting data, educating you with sound research and best practices
  • assisting you in choosing and solidifying routines that most reflect your personal values and priorities
  • guiding you in creating a sane, loving, and intuitive relationship with your body, exercise, and food
  • … all while getting you the results you really want.

I would know: in 2010, I lost about one-third of my bodyweight. From that experience, I intimately understand that seeing the scale hit the magic number is only part of the journey – it’s essential to be prepared with the proper tools and mindset to create long-term sustainability. Read the rest of my story here. 

Now, I am a certified exercise, nutrition, and habit change expert who will help you prioritize your whole-person health as you pursue your fitness, physique, and lifestyle goals. I will give you the structure and support that you need to succeed on your personal path of wellness, whether we work together online across hundreds of miles, or we meet in-person in my studio. Let’s get started!

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