Rachel Trotta

Rachel Trotta: CPT/FNS/TES

Discover how easy it can be to love your body with Rachel Trotta, certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist!

I know that all change starts from within. That is why I have created my free gift for you – the 3-Day Body Image Re-Set. It’s essential to become comfortable with your thoughts, feelings, and goals as you take your first steps of your health and fitness journey, and this 3-day guide will help you do just that.

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Do you have a specific idea of what you want to achieve?

Do you have a clear vision of yourself looking leaner, fitter, and healthier? Have you tried on your own for years to make progress, sporadically going to gym classes, following crash diets, or trying free workouts on YouTube?

Nutritional advice and exercise articles can be confusing and overwhelming, while modern life offers many opportunities to torpedo good intentions of exercise and healthy eating.

Sometimes, the ups and downs can feel like a roller coaster.

But I believe it can be simple. I believe that every woman is entitled to thrive and be healthy, and my career mission is to simplify this process for you by cutting through the overcrowded airways of advice and conflicting data, creating a workable exercise schedule and eating lifestyle, and assisting you in fostering independent, healthy routines that reflect your individual personality, schedule, and priorities.

I am a habit, behavior change, and women’s health expert who will prioritize your physical, mental, and emotional health as you pursue your fitness goals. I will give you the structure, accountability, support, and care that you need to succeed on your personal path of wellness.

It’s time to get off the roller coaster.

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Do you have dreams of abandoning your unhealthy eating habits, getting into a solid exercise routine, and feeling and looking better than ever?

Success Stories

My happy clients achieve their goals without harsh workouts or difficult diets. Instead, they learn the key strategies that lead to lifelong health for body, mind, and spirit.

“I lost 7 lbs and I’m down a dress size. I feel great and I learned new habits and that I will continue to incorporate into everyday life. You won’t regret working with Rachel! The best!!!”

“This program is so easy to follow and gave me so much more information about how to have a new relationship with food. The online support is wonderful. I have lost 2 sizes and am still going strong.” 

“By far the online program is the best, with “WOW” results and well worth it. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to lose weight and get fit.”

“The guidance she gives is so personalized and appropriate for just where you are in life – a very encouraging but still challenging approach. Can’t wait to work with her again. A great experience.”

“What makes Rachel so unique is her holistic approach to women’s health. I have a history with an eating disorder and I was drawn to Rachel’s balancing act between a healthy mindset, balanced diet, and consistent exercise.”