About Rachel Trotta

Rachel Trotta: CPT/FNS/TES

Discover how easy it can be to love your body with Rachel Trotta, certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist!

What I Do 

As a personal trainer and fitness nutritionist with my own weight loss story, I believe that healthy habits make people happier. I coach busy women clients all over the world via Skype (or phone), and help them:

  • Achieve their fitness and weight loss goals
  • Build confidence and energy through exercise
  • Feel more peaceful in their relationship with food
How It Works

Coaching includes one-on-one coaching calls and a personalized system of workouts that are updated monthly, as well as access to an online database that keeps track of your workouts, nutrition, goals, and other health markers.

Why It Works

I don’t use a one-size-fits-all diet or program to help you succeed. Instead, I treat you as an individual, and spend time listening to you and creating a personalized program that will get you moving toward your goals. We break down bigger achievements into smaller habits, and collaborate to figure out the strategies that will work best for you.

As a woman, I also understand that fitness and nutrition are sometimes more than numbers – emotional eating and a difficult relationship with body image can make progress more complicated. I’m here to help, and I will assist you in creating science-based strategies that will transform your habits, whether you want to ditch dieting or make friends with the scale.

Who It’s For

My clients are typically busy professional women (30+) who don’t necessarily have a lot of time for fitness. This system of remote coaching allows these women to streamline their health habits for maximum effectiveness on minimum time.

To decide if my style of coaching would work well for you, consider these three real-life clients who achieved their goals:

Client #1

making time for exerciseKelly (43) is a busy entrepreneur, author, and mom to three sons. Between her business and her boys, Kelly didn’t have a lot of bandwidth to devote to her own fitness. But after having children, Kelly felt that she had lost focus on her own health, and she wanted to prioritize herself again. She also had a big Europe trip coming up, and wanted to feel bikini-ready for Sicily!

When Kelly and I started working together, I knew that the first priority was that workouts had to be convenient. She couldn’t spend hours in the gym every day. Secondly, I knew that her nutrition had to be streamlined. We had to come up with a system of reliable meals and snacks that could energize her day while helping her lose fat, but didn’t keep her in the kitchen all day.

The result was a mix of in-home, gym, and cardio workouts that allowed her to squeeze fitness into her schedule while feeling great. Kelly also embraced the fact that muscle is one of the most important things that the 40+ woman can focus on, and in the time that we worked together, she not only got hooked on barbell training, but also ran a fast 10K and lost almost 10 pounds of fat! In the process, she developed habits around food and portion planning that allowed her to enjoy her preferred way of eating without stressing over restriction.

Kelly looked and felt fabulous in Italy, and now she maintains her fitness in 12-week strength training cycles that are now part of her routine!

Client #2

not always about weight lossKaris (39) is a financial adviser and veteran who is incredibly active in giving back to her community. Karis has PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), which meant that – beyond the garden variety struggles with weight that we all have – she also had the added burden of lowered thyroid function and high cortisol levels, as well as a high reactivity to certain foods.

Our approach was all about figuring out which foods made her body feel the most calm, peaceful, and balanced, and how workouts could fit into her busy travel and social schedule. Each month, we studied her upcoming travel schedule and strategized workouts and nutrition strategies around her flights and work dinners.

When we started working together, the ultimate goal was weight loss, but the vision expanded over time. Not only did Karis complete her first sprint triathlon and learn to love weightlifting, but she now plans to kick off her 40’s with a 500-mile hike of the Camino de Santiago! While she has lost about 10 pounds, the main “scale victory” that Karis has achieved is developing a peaceful relationship with her weight and with food, and understanding that her fitness is not determined by one number.

Client #3

photoshoot readyJenna (31) was getting married, and knew that her busy job at a tech company (with a full kitchen!) had caused her to put on more weight than she was comfortable. Standing at a petite 4’10”, Jenna weighed 120 pounds. While not overweight, Jenna knew that her happiest weight was leaner – more like 100-105 pounds. She knew that, with the stress of her job (and the constant availability of snacks), she would need help losing 15-20 pounds in time for her dreamy Tuscan nuptials.

Like many of my clients, it wasn’t just about the weight for Jenna – she wanted to look great, but she also wanted to feel great about her eating and exercise habits.

When we started working together, I knew we had to focus on a sustainable pattern of meal prep that allowed her to plan her breakfasts, lunches, and dinners each week. Because of her small frame, we had to carefully strategize portion sizes and macros to match her physiological needs and allow for safe and predictable weight loss.

Jenna lost 18 pounds and looked like a movie star for her wedding, and she now has a set of grocery shopping and meal prepping routines that make healthy living easy.

Think We May Be a Good Fit?

We’ll hop on the phone (or Skype) for a short call to discuss your goals, and I’ll tell you more about how coaching works.

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