Premium One-on-One Coaching

Premium One-on-One Coaching

You may have worked with trainers before, but felt a lack of connection (or results). The same old workouts may have gotten stale, or you may have felt that your trainer didn’t get that you had an outside life with other obligations besides fitness.

In this flexible, independence-driven coaching model, you’ll get all the guidance and accountability you need, but without the hassle of making it to the gym on time for your trainer.

Instead, I will help you craft a total wellness lifestyle that includes:

  • Personalized nutrition coaching
  • Challenging but ability-appropriate workouts that can be done in-home or in a gym
  • Goal-setting for specific results
  • Habit re-design based on your real lifeĀ 

Best of all, my methods are based on scientifically-sound (and mental health friendly) principles of habit change and nutritional science, without any of the hype of fad diets or the self-hatred of “fitspiration.”

Whether your goal is to lose 30 pounds, learn to squat without hurting your back, or look and feel your best at your wedding (or all three!), you should check out this option for reaching your health, fitness, and body composition goals with balance and self-care.

Ready to get in touch? Use my Contact page to tell me more about yourself.

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