Best of 2016

Best of 2016

With 2017 starting on Sunday, I thought I’d create a “Best Of” post that will give you some fun reading to do whether you’re on the subway commuting to work, or on your flight home from your fabulous holiday destination. I picked one blog post from each  month – enjoy!


A whole year ago, I was writing about the benefits of sleep for weight loss. The message is as timely as ever, as the holidays may not exactly be relaxing. Make sure to get your zzz’s!


Still focused on recovery, I wrote a piece about why you shouldn’t do cardio every day. Still true!


If you’ve let your good eating and exercise habits go during the winter (easy to do when it’s cold out), you may be feeling the effects. This post about using food tracking to destroy weight loss plateaus gives you some ideas about how to break through to new levels of fitness.

Interesting note: philosophies do change slightly over time. In this post, I advocate not weighing yourself. This is a stance I have changed over the course of 2016, and I now believe that if you have a difficult relationship with the scale, it’s OK to monitor your weight as long as you have the support of a group or a professional. I still think that the scale is not the BEST reflection of progress, but it is a data set that can be crucial to understanding your body composition!


This is still one of my all-time personal favorites of mine!! This post talks about body image and exercise, and why you shouldn’t obsess about perfection.


In May of 2016, a New York Times article was released that seemed to indicate that weight loss was not good for your body. Around the same time, a post on Vox became very popular, claiming that exercise was not a good way to lose weight. Facebook went nuts. One of my favorite things to do in a blog post is tear apart bad journalism and try to get to the heart of the message. This post is an example of that!


This is when my months-long “Meal Prep Like a Pro” series started, and I believe that this may have been some of my most significant work of 2016. I started honing and distilling the recipes that would make up my newest project, “The Macronutrient Cookbook.”


I was still meal prepping like a pro in July, and my favorite snack is Greek yogurt. Here is a sweet little combo that will help satisfy your cravings while giving you a powerful protein punch.


In my “Meal Prep Like a Pro” series, the question comes up: “Is Low Carb Better For You?” Click to find out!


The “Meal Prep Like a Pro” series ended with “Meal Prep Mastery,” a guide to shopping, scheduling, planning, and cooking. It helps break down the big picture for meal prep newbies.


‘Tis the season… to too-aggressively train for a new half-marathon goal in the exquisite autumn weather. If you’re wondering why runners seem to be injured all the time (and how you can prevent that for yourself), click the post to learn more!


Feeling more reflective once more at the end of the year, I wrote “When Does Healthy Cross the Line?” and it was named a top nutrition article by the Personal Trainer Development Center. Apparently my musings on whole-person health struck a chord!


Back to bad journalism… Another New York Times piece (come on, NYT, why are you always stirring up controversy??) seemed to imply that weight loss is virtually impossible for some people. Of course I can’t leave that alone. 

As 2016 draws to a close, I am revving up with new ideas, projects, and articles for 2017. If you have requests or ideas, send me a message and I can cover your question in a new blog post next year!

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