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A New Closed Facebook Group

Just a short announcement today!

About two months ago, I ran a test group on Facebook with about 20 people, and we did a six-week challenge together to start new habits. Here were some closing comments from the group participants:

I can fit more into my day than I previously thought & still get to bed at a decent time.”

I’ve learned that I’m capable of positive change, and also that I’m in charge of myself more than I imagined. I know that I can set goals for myself and also figure out how to achieve them, and I’m proud of myself.”

I know a lot about myself and I can trust myself.”

This process has helped me to think a little more critically about why I’m struggling with a goal and make changes so that I can achieve the goal, even if I have to take a slightly different path to get there.”

But now that the challenge is over, I would love to see this group grow! During the six-week experience, I saw strangers come together from all over the world to support each other, share ideas, and ask questions.

Now, I see the potential for this group to stay open as a safe place for women to get accurate, relevant, and sensible information about health and fitness habits.

No gimmicks, no “weight loss program,” no products, and no supplements. Just the facts, fun, and lots of support.

If you want to join the group and do the same 6-week challenge that they did, all you have to do is join the closed Facebook group and sign up for this mailing list to receive a weekly e-mail with questions:

Your Name:
*Your Email:
… And you’re in! Please note that the e-mail form above requires a double opt-in, which means that you’ll get an e-mail asking you to confirm your subscription. Make sure to check your spam if you don’t get an e-mail within a few minutes. Then, you may need to add my e-mail address to your list of contacts to avoid losing the e-mails in the future. See you online! 

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