Fit Foodie Finds: The Downtown – Red Bank

Fit Foodie Finds: The Downtown – Red Bank

Fit Foodie Finds: The Downtown – Red Bank, NJ

If you walk into The Downtown in Red Bank on Front Street, you’re going to notice one thing very quickly:

It’s not a health food restaurant.

Even though I frequently feature health eateries, juice bars, and natural food markets in my Fit Foodie Finds series, I like to think that healthful eating starts with the Foodie, not with the Find.

You don’t have to eat at a health food restaurant to eat healthfully. It’s all about choices. Here are some examples of how to turn bar food (my favorite kind of food out, actually!) into a Fit Foodie Find:

  • For starters, walk there and back
  • Order appetizers or small plates, and not lots of them
  • If you order something big, split one thing to pick on
  • Skip deep-fried extras like fries or chips/guac
  • Prioritize protein
  • Avoid too many fat sources – like salads that overkill with dressing, nuts, cheese, etc.
  • Drink light

Keep in mind that “eating healthy” is not the same thing as “eating perfectly.” It just means that you know how to enjoy balance in your diet without getting too far off center in any direction.

So today’s Fit Foodie Find is about date night done right, with bar food and Taco Tuesday.

The Downtown – Red Bank

This time of year, The Downtown is a perfect hang. With windows open and soft summer breezes coming through, daily happy hours, and live music several nights a week, it’s a great date night spot.

Last night, Michael and I hit sampled two menu times during happy hour: the Tuesday night taco special ($3 tacos) and the appetizer signature sushi rolls ($4 each).

Even though it doesn’t seem like tacos and sushi should go together, they made decent bedfellows for one important reason: the tacos didn’t have cheese on them. They were simple – just corn tortillas with your choice of chicken, beef, and pork. Without a melted blanket of cheddar and sour cream, the raw fish chaser didn’t seem out of place.

We got two chicken tacos and two beef tacos, and I have to admit – both of us were fans of the chicken. We agreed that next time we come on a Tuesday night, we’re going all chicken, all the way!

In terms of the sushi, we also ordered the Navesink Roll (spicy red tuna with avocado and chili ponzu) and the Shrewsbury Roll (yellowtail, tuna, spicy salmon, scallion, avocado, soybean paper, and sweet wasabi soy sauce) – appetizer-sized for happy hour.

We loved it! It was a very satisfying meal but not overly-rich, and I left looking forward to the next visit!

Check out their small plates, burgers, sushi, and brunch on their full menu!

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