Personal Training Red Bank

Personal Training Red Bank

Meet Rachel

Personal Training Red Bank – As a personal trainer with my own story of transformation and growth, I believe that healthy habits make people happier. Do you want to…

  • Feel confident in your body?
  • Improve your relationship with food?
  • Achieve your health and fitness goals?

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Who It’s For

The typical client I work with is often a busy professional women and/or mom (30+). My typical client either has trouble sticking with exercise on her own and needs extra structure to achieve her health goals, or, she wants to step up her fitness game to master a new level of athleticism. My goal is to streamline your health habits for the most effectiveness, without extra stress.

To decide if my style of coaching would work well for you, consider these three real-life clients who achieved their goals:

Client #1

red bank personal trainingJenna (31) was getting married, and knew that her busy job at an NYC tech company had caused her to put on more weight than she was comfortable. She knew that she needed to reverse some unhealthy habits that had taken root, and develop a balanced approach to menu planning, hitting the gym, and enjoying her nights out with family and friends.

Jenna lost 18 pounds and looked like a movie star for her wedding, thanks to balanced nutrition and exercise. Now that the wedding’s over, she has a set of grocery shopping and meal prepping routines that make healthy living easy.

“It is maintainable. I wasn’t saying ‘no’ to anything.” – Jenna

Client #2

making time for exerciseKelly (43) is a busy business owner, author, and mom to three sons. Between her business and her boys, Kelly didn’t have a lot of time to devote to her own fitness. But after having kids, Kelly felt that she had lost focus on her own health. She wanted to redefine this decade of her life, and approach her 40’s with a positive perspective.

She got hooked on barbell training, ran a fast 10K, and saw muslces that she didn’t even know she had! In the process, she developed eating habits that allowed her to continue to enjoy her favorite foods in moderation.

“It’s almost like my fibers and my muscle and my skin are sewing themselves back together and getting stronger.” – Kelly

Client #3

personal training red bankKaris (39) is a married financial adviser who is incredibly active in giving back to her community. Karis also has PCOS, so when we started working together, we wanted to emphasize a high level of self-care in addition to strength training and nutrition changes. Not only did Karis find balance, complete her first sprint triathlon, and learn to love weightlifting, but she now plans to kick off her 40’s with a 500-mile hike of the Camino de Santiago!

“My guess is that many of your clients are so bold and brave in so many other aspects of their lives, and it’s hard to try something new. But the feeling of accomplishment after you do that, and being able to maybe inspire others, is just an immeasurable feeling.” – Karis

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This is What Success Looks Like

“It was an incredibly well-done, thoughtful and effective program. So many of Rachel’s philosophies, coaching concepts and techniques can be applied to the non-body/non-fitness areas of our lives. I learned many eye-opening and essential mindset and behavior change skills. I highly recommend Rachel’s online programs.”

“Rachel is such an incredible resource. She helped my family so much with a tailored method of meal planning within the first week of our meetings. She helps simplify dinners so they are attainable even with a family of picky eaters. Highly recommend.”

“Rachel’s method of acceptance, kindness, and common-sense motivation techniques are effective and enjoyable. She truly cares.”

“I am in the best place I have been in years! I look forward to our sessions. She has a wealth of knowledge on health, nutrition and life to share. Her warm and caring personality makes her both trainer and friend. Thank you, Rachel!”

“Rachel has been more than just a trainer, she has become a fitness/life guru for me. I have become stronger not just physically, but mentally. I have developed a whole new perception of body image, the scale, and my health. She truly is wonderful and she is very on top of her clients. If you’re looking to not just change your body, but change your mindset she is the person you want to work with!”

“I lost 7 lbs and I’m down a dress size. I feel great and I learned new habits and that I will continue to incorporate into everyday life. You won’t regret working with Rachel! The best!!!”

“This program is so easy to follow and gave me so much more information about how to have a new relationship with food. The online support is wonderful.”

“The guidance she gives is so personalized and appropriate for just where you are in life – a very encouraging but still challenging approach. Can’t wait to work with her again. A great experience.”

“What makes Rachel so unique is her holistic approach to women’s health. I have a history with an eating disorder and I was drawn to Rachel’s balancing act between a healthy mindset, balanced diet, and consistent exercise.”

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