Recommended Materials

Recommended Materials

The items on this page include exercise equipment that I recommend to clients, nutrition items that I find make life easier, as well as books that I would recommend to anyone on their wellness journey. I must note that I receive a small commission when you purchase items using these links, which helps to support my website and blog.

Starter Kit for Exercise and Assessment

If you are a new remote coaching client, order these items right away. If you have a gym membership, some of these items will be at your gym, and we can use your gym’s materials. But if you will be exercising at home, these items are essential.

Additional Exercise Items

These items are optional. There are some that I would recommend anyway (like the Garmin watch), but others may not work in your house (like the pull-up bar). We can talk about ordering these additional items, if any, as time passes and your workouts change and grow.

Nutritional Recommendations and Ideas

These are some foods/supplements that I recommend frequently to clients.

Kitchen Equipment

Some of these items may be helpful to you on your journey!

Book Recommendations

These are beloved books of mine that I have recommended to clients over and over.

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