My happy clients achieve their goals without harsh workouts or difficult diets. Instead, they learn the key strategies that lead to lifelong health for body, mind, and spirit.

“It was an incredibly well-done, thoughtful and effective program. So many of Rachel’s philosophies, coaching concepts and techniques can be applied to the non-body/non-fitness areas of our lives. I learned many eye-opening and essential mindset and behavior change skills. I highly recommend Rachel’s online programs.”

“Rachel is such an incredible resource. She helped my family so much with a tailored method of meal planning within the first week of our meetings. She helps simplify dinners so they are attainable even with a family of picky eaters. Highly recommend.”

“Rachel’s method of acceptance, kindness, and common-sense motivation techniques are effective and enjoyable. She truly cares.”

“After putting family and career first for 35 years, I knew it was time to take care of myself. I had reached an age where I was having creakiness invade and feeling movement impacted…well no more! I have been working with Rachel for 8 months. In that time I have learned that I really can do more than I thought I could. Rachel has led me with gentle encouragement to stretch and grow. She is always conscious of what I need and how far to guide me in growing. I am in the best place I have been in years! I look forward to our sessions. She has a wealth of knowledge on health, nutrition and life to share. Her warm and caring personality makes her both trainer and friend. Thank you, Rachel!”

“Signing on with Rachel was one of the hardest, and yet one of the greatest decisions I could have ever made. I have struggled with my weight and body image for nearly my whole life. At the point I had signed on with Rachel I was terrified, but fed up with how I was feeling and the lack of results. I thought that I knew what I was doing, but I did not. Over the course of three months Rachel has been more than just a trainer, she has become a fitness/life guru for me. I have become stronger not just physically, but mentally. I have developed a whole new perception of body image, the scale, and my health. She truly is wonderful and she is very on top of her clients. There is not a day where I feel I can’t reach out. When I do reach out she answers within the same day, if not within the same hour. She will answer any questions you have regarding health & fitness. She gives you tools to help with your weight loss and mindset, advice on tweaks that need to be made, and she will create workouts based on your abilities while still pushing you. I had come to her with 2 herniated discs and she was very mindful of strengthening my back and core. Along the way I have learned I suffer from tendinitis in my hamstrings, which was a struggle but we worked through it side by side. She is extremely understanding and mindful of the body and mind of the people who train with her. As I stated earlier I couldn’t be happier with my choice. Rachel has truly given me a new perspective on health, fitness, and wellness. If you’re looking to not just change your body, but change your mindset she is the person you want to work with!”

“I lost 7 lbs and I’m down a dress size. I feel great and I learned new habits and that I will continue to incorporate into everyday life. You won’t regret working with Rachel! The best!!!”

“This program is so easy to follow and gave me so much more information about how to have a new relationship with food. The online support is wonderful. I have lost 2 sizes and am still going strong.” 

“The guidance she gives is so personalized and appropriate for just where you are in life – a very encouraging but still challenging approach. Can’t wait to work with her again. A great experience.”

“What makes Rachel so unique is her holistic approach to women’s health. I have a history with an eating disorder and I was drawn to Rachel’s balancing act between a healthy mindset, balanced diet, and consistent exercise.”

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