Do you struggle to exercise?

In just 28 Days:

  • Tone up your body with fast, fat-burning workouts
  • Tune up your eating with easy recipes and meal prep tips
  • Motivate yourself with daily and weekly accountability

Best of all, this entire challenge is completed 100% from the comfort and privacy of your own home, on your schedule, requiring only a few pieces of simple exercise equipment! 

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How It Works

The Tone Every Zone Challenge is only 28 days, so it’s going to be intense. With daily workouts, recipe recommendations each week, and progress checks on weekends, this experience is all about getting your goals moving in the right direction fast, so that you feel sexy, strong, and confident right away.

You’ll get:

  • Daily e-mails with your workout assignment for the next day
  • A daily accountability form to keep track of your habits
  • A weekly check-in form to keep track of your progress
  • My full recipe book, “The Ultimate Meal Prep Cookbook”
  • And more!

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But Wait…

“My friend is a Beachbody coach. Why should I do the Tone Every Zone Challenge, instead of something like that?”

That’s a great question. Here are just a few reasons that an independent personal training business like mine is different from a multi-level marketing program:

There’s no extra product or hidden costs. During this 28-day program, there will be absolutely no pressure to buy products, supplements, or equipment directly from me. If you want to use supplements or nutritional products from another coach, that’s totally fine.

You don’t have to post pictures or videos to social media… or even tell anyone at all. Multi-level marketing often requires a certain amount of social media engagement. But I value your privacy, and you’ll never be pressured to recruit friends.

You’ll get accountability from a personal trainer and fitness nutritionist. Instead of just watching impersonal videos and hoping you stick with it, there will be weekly progress checks and you’ll have access to me for personalized help.

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But Don’t Take My Word For It

These clients completed online programs and were happy with their results! 

“I completed the 28-day Tone Every Zone challenge with Rachel leading the troops and I found my experience to be amazing. Rachel put together an awesome program, with only 20 minutes a day, which completely reframed exercise in my mind. Rachel is approachable and always willing to answer ‘dumb’ questions. She held my hand (figuratively) through a point where I was ready to give up because of the scale, but explained to me that it is really only one measure and there were so many other measures to give me hope. She helped me laugh at my inability to do an exercise although I was giving it my best effort. And, she is just real: a real person with real thoughts, real ambitions, real experiences, and really steady voice in a twisted world of exercise and dieting. She doesn’t promote crazy diets and wild exercises, she promotes an achievable (whatever that may be for you) shift in life.”

“It was an incredibly well-done, thoughtful and effective program. So many of Rachel’s philosophies, coaching concepts and techniques can be applied to the non-body/non-fitness areas of our lives. I learned many eye-opening and essential mindset and behavior change skills. I highly recommend Rachel’s online programs.”

“I lost 7 lbs and I’m down a dress size. I feel great and I learned new habits and that I will continue to incorporate into everyday life. You won’t regret working with Rachel! The best!!!”

“This program is so easy to follow and gave me so much more information about how to have a new relationship with food. The online support is wonderful. I have lost 2 sizes and am still going strong.” 

“What makes Rachel so unique is her holistic approach to women’s health. I have a history with an eating disorder and I was drawn to Rachel’s balancing act between a healthy mindset, balanced diet, and consistent exercise.”

“By far the online program is the best, with “WOW” results and well worth it. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to lose weight and get fit.”

“She truly is wonderful and she is very on top of her clients. There is not a day where I feel I can’t reach out. When I do reach out she answers within the same day, if not within the same hour.”

“I have learned that I really can do more than I thought I could. Rachel has led me with gentle encouragement to stretch and grow.”

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